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January 13 Public Meeting


On January 13, 2021 the City of Hoboken hosted a virtual public meeting to provide an overview of the draft Hoboken Vision Zero Action Plan. You can find a recording of the meeting and a copy of the presentation by clicking on the buttons below.

Draft Vision Zero Action Plan Feedback Form


The Hoboken Vision Zero Action Plan serves as the roadmap that will guide City- and Community-led initiatives over the next five years to help us achieve the ultimate goal of eliminating all traffic-related deaths and injuries by 2030. The five-year timeframe reflects the understanding that external factors, such as emergent travel modes and technologies, community priorities, and municipal resources change over time. Therefore, an update to the Action Plan should occur after five years. The Action Plan will be supplemented annually by progress reports, which may also inform future plan updates. 


The City of Hoboken accepted comments from the public on the draft plan at a public meeting on January 13 and through a feedback form located on this page through January 27. 



In July 2020 we asked the community to use the following map and survey to indicate what safety obstacles they faced when traveling in Hoboken. Click the WikiMap link below to see what  people indicated as safety obstacles and where they are located (the map will open in a separate window).

Hoboken Wikimap Screenshot.JPG


Community Survey #1

An online survey was distributed from July to September 2020 in order to gather input from those working in, living in, and traveling through Hoboken. The survey asked respondents about their travel behaviors, their perceptions of transportation safety, and for their qualitative assessments of the traffic safety issues facing Hoboken. Survey questions, and summaries of responses, are available through the button below and in Appendix A of the Vision Zero Action Plan.

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